A: No.  All B61 sauces use all-natural ingredients.

     A: No.  All B61 sauces use all-natural Sweeteners.

     A: Depends on what you’re used to. I mean it’s kind of like “describe the color blue.” If you are this guy (warning some rough language) then you’ll probably think it’s pretty hot. The heat is, however, cumulative. It actually takes a moment or two for it to kick in, but then every bite thereafter adds fuel to the fire going on in your mouth. The sauce also gets hotter when it is warmed up, as opposed to eating it cold.

     A: B61 Pepper Sauce is truly a universal sauce.  With the exception of waffles and peanut butter cookies, we haven’t found anything we don’t like it on.  It makes a wonderful steak sauce, marinade, cocktail sauce, substitute for ketchup, or mix it with mayonnaise or mustard for an interesting condiment or dip.  And, if you absolutely can’t think of anything else, use it like you would any other (less tasty) pepper sauce.  Things we really like it on: steak, ribs, burgers, pizza, eggs, shrimp, pork, potato salad, sausages, sandwiches, and tacos.

     A: Um, barbeque stuff?  Check out our recipes section for great ideas, either now or later (in case we haven’t gotten round to puttin’ up all the recipes).  Or better yet, send us your suggestions and we’ll be happy to share them with the rest of our squadron.

     A: You should refrigerate B61 Sauces after opening, and use or discard by the date on the bottle.

     A: This is normal for an all-natural product. It is not homogenized. Just give the bottle a good shake before using and you are ready to go.

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